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The first time you see some of the moves Team Bodybuilding.com athlete Julian "The Quad Guy" Smith does to build his legs in the gym, your jaw will hit the floor. But with his feathered quads and shredded hamstrings, Smith has the size and definition to defend his extraordinary approach.

Smith is bringing back old-school bodybuilding exercises—and short shorts—in a very big way.

"The old-school guys didn't have half the stuff we have now," explains Smith. "You'd see pictures of Tom Platz doing sissy squats—there's no machine, there's no squat rack, no anything besides him and a dumbbell. Guys like Arnold and Tom Platz and Frank Zane—they just had a 'no bullshit' mindset to bodybuilding."

With an eye for detail and innovation, and an ability to create world-class workouts on the fly, Smith has become a compelling force of his own in the online fitness community. 

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